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Lake Havasu movies.  A great place to spend the afternoon or evening.  You can check both Lake Havasu City theaters for what's playing at what are
the times the movie is showing.  Lake Havasu City has two movie theaters to choose from when you want to see the latest that Hollywood has to offer
Below, you will find links to each of our Lake Havasu movie theatres with movie show times.  The Movies Havasu theaters are located in Lake Havasu on Swanson Avenue a short distance from the London Bridge Resort. The Ultra Star movie theatre is located in the Shops Of Lake Havasu just north of
town across from the Airport. 
When you want to know what's playing at your favorite movie theater in Lake Havasu...Check the movie page.

Located in Shops Of Lake Havasu

Offering outstanding personalized service
with Stadium high-back chair seats and retractable armrests. Rewards program.

Phone information at
(928) 764-2001. Show times
and trailers at LakeHavasuUltraStar

Located at 180 Swanson in the heart of Lake Havasu City.  Rewards program - Loyalty Cards to earn Free movies.  Movies Havasu The REEL DEAL.
$5.00 shows before 1:00pm all week.
Shows before 5:00pm are only $5.50

Phone information at
(928) 453-7900. Show times
and trailers at MoviesHavasu


email Richard@LakeHavasuCityInformation.com

Phone assistance (928) 208-5387 Ask for Richard

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